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LiveJournal for Phina™(:.

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Friday, September 7th, 2007

Time:2:04 pm.
Mood: random.
It's funny how...

I like..

Lately I can't be happy for no one, they think I need time some time for myself. I try to smile but I can't remember..
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Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Subject:happy teachers' day :D
Time:7:39 pm.
Mood: content.
Okay, I'm guilty..

Please don't keep reminding me that I am this, I am that.. As if you were any different. Haha..

One week of holiday has gone, and another 15 more days to go.. Am I being productive this holiday? Maybe.. To a certain extent. Having weird sleeping hours again, reminds me of my secondary school life.. Sleeping around 12+, waking up at 10am the next morning or so.. Do work, until tired so nap from 4+ to 6pm.. Then do more work until 11pm or 12am.. And it repeats.. I'm trying to scrap the whole nap idea.. It's not doing me any good.

Eesh, I get hungry a lot too nowadays. Those weird cravings are back! Oh no.. Currently miss my:

and many, many more..

Am I making you hungry? Sorry if I did, been having these cravings at midnight, yes MIDNIGHT. Haha.. What to do? Ask someone out to go and eat? But the thing is, who? :P

Oh and guess what, it's only the beginning of the month. If I'm gonna spend money to eat those, heh.. I'd be broke. I wish I could ask someone along to go and eat with me! Hahaha.. Hmm.. The thing is, my family isn't a big fan of those weird cravings I have.. Sad :(


Oh wait wait! After reading this, tell me how small the world is..

First of all, I knew that Casa and Vinisha were in SRJC, taking Arts and Science respectively. So I asked Casa which class she was in, (she said 1A05) and Vinisha said that it was Preeti's class.. Oh, right. Then I asked Casa if she knew P and those stories poured in but before that, she asked P if she knew us and P said that my clique - Vinisha, Gracie and I, were a bunch of weird people. Wow, that's like so............. Wow.

Anyway, then.. We decided to go to Parkway to eat and we saw her by coincidence! Casa and "Uncle" Stamford. Haha.. And I was going to introduce Vinisha to Casa but they said they knew each other already :) Okay, so that's one.

The next one was when JC (Erm.. Yeah, that guy I hated back then in 2005, for ruining Shmi's life), Gracie and I made our way to Orchard for Gracie's job thingy and I saw Constance (my primary school friend)! :) Still the same.. Hahaha..

And whatever happened next were retarded stuff.. Went to MRT station with JC and Gracie. Took the train back to Marina Bay and then to Yio Chu Kang since I was early anyway.. And I slept, must be quite unglam since my mouth was open :\ Then, I overslept, woke up at Yio Chu Kang but wasn't fast enough to make the quick exit and in the end, I went all the way to Khatib which was 5 minutes, gone.. Haha.. And I called Kol along the way, to talk about stuff and took the train back to Yio Chu Kang.. Went to wait for 825 and the previous shuttle bus had just left. Heh. Yeah, and then I reached cell group around 7.50pm, early :) Showed the weird testimony and had a good laugh, altogether again :)

Yeah, all in all, that was my eve of teachers' day celebration :)

Will be seeing Burball and Jer tomorrow :)

It's the best thing that you have ever had..
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LiveJournal for Phina™(:.

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You're looking at the latest 2 entries.